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Please inform one of our team members of your allergies or special dietary requirements before placing your order as all ingredients cannot be listed. Our suppliers and kitchen staff handle numerous ingredients and whilst we have strict controls in place to reduce the risk of allergens, we cannot guarantee our kitchen will be totally allergen free.


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Tandoori Dishes

All Tandoori And Shashlik Dishes Are Barbecued Over Charcoal In A Clay Oven, And Served With A Salad And Separate Curry Sauce.
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Traditional Classics

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Hot Dishes

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Biriani Dishes

Basmati Rice Dish With Sliced Almonds, Sultanas And Coconut, Topped With An Omelette And Garnished With Chopped Tomatoes. Served with a Complimentary curry sauce.
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Side Dishes

Strongly recommended with main Dishes
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Chef Specials

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Rice and Breads

A selection of rice dishes to be enjoyed with your main course. Freshly baked breads all made in house in a traditional clay tandoori oven
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Set Meals

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Papadoms & Pickles

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Special Curry Sauces

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