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Traditional Classics

Chicken Tikka Masala48
The UK’s unofficial national dish, this dish has many different guises. We at Brick Lane present the most popular version, the tikka meat is first prepared in the tandoori oven and then added to the gravy consisting of the tandoori masala sauce. The addition of single cream and almond powder gives it that mild flavour. This is a sweet and creamy dish.
Rogan Josh44
Another British classic, a traditional medium curry base is garnished with a rich tomato and onion topping, finished with a sprinkling of cashew nuts.
This dish gets its name from the cast iron dish in which the curry is cooked in. Indian five spices (mustard, nigella, fennel, cumin and fenugreek) are first sauteed in ghee and garlic. The meat is then added and cooked to a medium to hot strength curry.
Balti Amb45
The classic balti flavours married with slices of ripe mango.
The most popular of the mild dishes prepared with single cream, coconut milk, almond powder and mixture of herbs and fragrant spices.
A mild and fruity dish which includes lychees, banana slices and mango chutney.
Chicken or lamb tikka prepared with cream, almond powder, sultanas, yoghurt and a splash of white vinegar.
Diced tikka meat of your choice prepared in cheese and cream, a very mild dish.
Chicken Nawab46
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a bhuna style with sliced mushrooms.
Prepared with lentils, a dash of lemon topped off with pineapple chunks, slightly sweet and sour.
Butter Chicken48
A fairly new dish rapidly gaining popularity, mild and creamy, topped with a touch of butter and cooked in a masala sauce.
Sag Gosht46
Tender pieces of succulent lamb cooked with spinach, delicately spiced with mild flavours such as cumin and cinnamon.
Chicken Mughlai48
Tandoori chicken is stripped off the bone then cooked in a rich sauce, garnished with paneer cheese and cashew nuts, topped off with a dash of single cream.
Daal Gosht44
Lamb prepared with red lentils and lemon juice in a medium curry sauce.
Garlic Chicken44
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a mild sauce with plenty of freshly sliced garlic, garnished with coriander and fenugreek leaves.
A popular dish in this region. Slow cooked boneless lamb/chicken in a medium curry sauce with a kick to it also added capsicum, onions and ginger.
A lamb or chicken curry dish cooked with lime pickle.
Kofta Bhuna48
Spicy lamb meatballs cooked with onions, peppers and tomatoes in a medium strength curry sauce.
Goan Chicken46
A hot and creamy dish, prepared with classic Goan spices, with a hint of coconut, mustard and lemon.
The traditional curry house favourite, medium spiced curry with a thick onion gravy suace.
Paneer Tikka Masala48
Cubes of paneer cheese cooked in a tikka masala sauce.
Butter Paneer48
Cubes of paneer cheese cooked in a butter masala sauce.

Other Specialties

A thick and hot curry originating from Sri Lanka, madras strength gravy with coconut cream, ground almond powder and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
A hot madras strength curry, popular in Scotland, using our own special sweet sauce.
Succulent strips of either chicken or lamb tikka in a rich red onion and mushroom gravy with crushed peppercorns and fresh cream.
Thai Green Curry46
Due to popular demand we’ve added this classic Thai favourite, chicken or prawns cooked in our Thai green paste, with fresh lime juice and coconut milk.
Chicken or lamb in a spinach and lentil curry with fresh tomatoes.