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Extras & Set Meals



Chutney Tray12
Onion, mango, mint sauce, red onion and lime pickle.

Onion Chutney3

Mint Sauce3

Mango Chatney3

Red Onion Chatney3

Lime Pickle3

Yoghurt based accompaniment with cucumber.

Vegetable Curry Sauce15

Plain Curry Sauce14

Vegetarian Options39
All of our main dishes are available in a vegetarian option at 39Dhs.

Meat Options4-10
You can change our main courses to the following meats:
Chicken Tikka +4Dhs
Lamb Tikka +5Dhs
Prawns +5Dhs
King Prawn +10Dhs.


Canned Drinks5

Small Bottled Water5

Large Bottled Water10

Large Bottled Coke12


Gulab Jamun15


Set Meals

Set Meal for 2129
2 Papadums 2 Chutney
1 Onion Bhaji 1 Seek Kebab
(Yoghurt Sauce & Salad)
1 Chicken Tikka Balti 1 Lamb Rogan Josh
1 Sag Aloo 1 Pilau Rice
1 Naan

Set Meal for 4269
4 Papadums 4 Chutney
2 Chicken Tikka 2 Veg Samosas
(Yoghurt Sauce & Salad)
2 Chicken Tikka Masala 1 Lamb Balti
1 Lamb Rogan Josh 2 Aloo Gobi
2 Pilau Rice 2 Naan